9th International Congress for Psychotherapy and Pastoral Care
31st May -3rd June 2017 in Würzburg

The stranger in you, in me, in God

Dear participants,
"The Stranger" is a brand new theme we have barely touched on during previous congresses. And yet it is very relevant to psychotherapy, pastoral care and counselling. Even externally it’s very topical because of the refugee issue in Germany.

The fact that many people find it difficult to deal with the stranger "in you" has a lot to do with the stranger "in me". When I have unexplained fears and desires within myself, it’s easy to negatively project those onto unfamiliar things around me. From crowd psychology, we know that it is precisely the unconsciously immature part in humans that can join up with a mighty surge of great destructive power. In this respect psychotherapists and counsellors have been thrust into an unexpected task. If we don’t point out these dangers, who will?

The first step must be to develop an understanding of one’s own dark, shunned areas. Only then will it be possible to help others with their struggles. For Christians, the whole thing has an additional spiritual dimension. Not just people, our “experience of God" can be foreign to us too. “Why now?” and "Why does he allow this?" are questions that can’t be definitively answered in a theodicy debate. Such questions have to be addressed over and over again in life.

Our congress promises to be effective on all these levels. We expect a congress that will radiate to our country.

You are heartily invited to participate!

In the name of the organization committee,
Dr Martin Grabe
1st Chairman

The stranger in me, in you, in God

APS Conference 2017

Opening Wednesday, May 31, 2017 at 19:30
Conclusion Saturday, June 3rd 2017 at 13.00

With presentations by:
Prof Dr med. Samuel Pfeifer (opening)
Prof Dr theol. Wilfried Härle
Prof Dr med. Dr phil. Thomas Fuchs
Michael Borkowski and Team
Yassir Eric
Prof Dr theol. Dr. phil. Franz Gmainer - Pranzl
Prof Dr theol. Mihamm Kim-Rauchholz

More than 90 seminars and workshops are on offer on various topics of psychotherapy and counseling.
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On Friday evening there is a light-hearted and contemplative evening – a mixture of concert and reading with " 2Flügel " - Christina Brudereck and Benjamin Seipel.

The congress includes an exhibition.


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Dr med. Rolf Senst, Deputy Chairman
Olaf Kormannshaus, Finance
Doris Moser-Schmidt, Clerk
Dr Martina Kessler
Joachim Friebl, Managing Director

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The congress language is German with Russian translation available.
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